Empire Startups was founded in 2011, when we began running the NYC FinTech Meetup. We’ve since grown to become the largest community of FinTech entrepreneurs, investors, and financial service professionals in the world with over 20,000 members.

At the heart of what we do is building community, and we continue to bring the startup community together each month in New York and San Francisco running the FinTech Meetups across both coasts. As FinTech has grown - so have we. We now run annual Empire FinTech Conferences in New York and San Francisco, and host FinTech Weeks in both cities. We accelerate innovation through the power of community and believe that when you bring smart, curious people together, great things can happen!


Dec 2011

Empire Was Founded From Humble Beginnings, Born Out of the Startup Community as the New York FinTech Meetup

Feb 2012

A Group of Some of the Best Entrepreneurs on the Planet, Vincent Turner and Billy Robins Launch the First San Francisco FinTech Meetup

Apr 2013

1st Annual NYC Empire FinTech Conference. Dinosaur BBQ, FinTech, and Rock & Roll Was a Potent Recipe.

Apr 2015

Empire Startups Becomes the First Large-scale FinTech Conference to Reach Gender Parity. Any Conference Not at this Benchmark Can’t Claim to Represent the Future of FinTech.

Nov 2015

Empire FinTech Conference expands to San Francisco. Continuing Our Tradition of Amazing Rock Venues.

Jan 2016

New York FinTech Meetup reaches 5,000 Members. Officially the Largest Meetup on the Planet and Never Looking Back.

Aug 2016

Not So Fast NYC, the San Francisco FinTech Meetup Reaches 5,000 Members

Apr 2017

Launch of (The Original) FinTech Week New York – A Confluence of Conferences, Round-table Discussions, Demo Days, Meetups, and Networking Events. massive h/t to the epic Kelsey Weaver who co-organized the inaugural week!

Apr 2017

Twitter Followers Reach 15,000. Our Social Reach is a Fantastic Asset for Our Partners.

Jun 2017

Launch of the Empire FinTech Conference in Toronto – Toronto Has Been a FinTech Hotbed for Decades and with Empire, the Secret is Out.

Nov 2017

Launch of FinTech Week San Francisco

Nov 2017

Inaugural FinTech Roundtable Event Attended by Over 20 Banking Executives

Feb 2018

The FinTech Startups LinkedIn Group Reaches a Staggering 35,000 Members.

Apr 2018

Launch of The FinTech Partnerships Forum. 400 FinTechs Applied for Speed-dating with Dozens of Corporate Partners

Jan 2019

Empire community reaches 100,000 members across channels.

Mar 2020

Did 2020 actually happen? We’ve blocked it from our FinTech memory.

Apr 2022

NY FinTech Week cemented as a must-attend event, crossing 3k annual attendees.