Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our community. The following represent some of the key measures we will be implementing to keep our attendees safe. This protocol may evolve as we will continue to follow any and all CDC guidance and New York City & State regulations.

Cleaning & Hygiene

Enhanced Cleaning: We will undertake enhanced deep cleaning before, during and after the conference, working with venue partners to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. This includes continuous sanitization throughout the course of the event, with a focus on high-touch areas such as door handles, restrooms and food & beverage areas.

Personal Hygiene: We will provide additional hand sanitizing stations throughout the event space, encouraging all participants to regularly wash and disinfect their hands.

Physical Distancing

Registration Process: We will use self service terminals to minimize queuing and contact during the registration process.

Food and beverage: Our team will work closely with venue partners to employ the highest standard of food safety, including by minimizing self-service buffets in favor of pre-packaged food options. 

Protect & Detect

Personal protective equipment (PPE): Face masks will be worn by all venue and conference staff. During the conference, we will continue to follow any New York regulations on wearing PPE. 

Other items of PPE, such as gloves and eye screens, can be worn if participants wish to.
First Aid: We will have a team of qualified first aiders on site and a separate quarantine area. Please do not attend the show if you are feeling unwell. We will follow the New York  State regulations on detecting and managing anyone who shows symptoms of COVID-19.