2 Class Stock Investment Bootcamp

This class will teach you how to invest in single stocks. You will learn how to analyze companies, their financial statements, and how to generate effective investment ideas through strategies used by hedge funds.

When & Time

7/18/19, Thursday, 6:30pm
7/23/19, Tuesday, 6:30pm

575 Market St #600, San Francisco, CA 94105
Please mention at the lobby that you are going to the investment class on the 6th floor (PGBH/CFSI)


CLASS 1 (2 – 3hrs)
Financial Statements
– Income, balance sheet, and cashflow

Key Metrics
– Margins, growth, free cash flow, other KPIs

Valuation Methodology
– Valuation multiples. Public and private comps. Growth vs value.

CLASS 2 (2 – 3hrs)
Generating Ideas
– Learn how to generate effective investment ideas.
– When to buy, when to sell

Examples and team presentation
– We will look at single stock case studies. Your team will present their investment idea.

Homework will be assigned after Class 1.

My background:
Jose graduated magna cum laude and honors from UCLA’s business economics program. Following UCLA he worked as investment banker for Merrill Lynch in the technology division for 1.3 years. His transactional experience includes Ebay’s acquisition of Skype valued at $4.1bn. After Merrill Lynch Jose worked at Symphony Asset Management, now a $20 billion dollar multi-strategy asset manager, for seven years. At Symphony he was the first junior analyst in his class to be promoted to senior analyst and was responsible for over $750mm dollars worth of investments at the time of his departure. He currently is the founder of moneymio.com and runs a fintech accelerator for JPMorgan Chase.

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