2019 Berkeley China Summit


Organized and sponsored by official UC Berkeley alumni and students organizations, endorsed and supported by UC Berkeley administration, since 2016 the only authentic Berkeley China Summit 伯克利中美峰会 (“BCS”) is a full-day on-campus conference, aimed to connect China’s businesses and investors with the technology, engineering, and business innovation expertise on UC Berkeley campus and across the Bay Area.

The Theme

The theme of BCS 2019 is Technology Permeating Culture and Business. In modern day society, technology is no longer kept in academia and large companies. It is kept in everyone’s pocket. Across industries ranging from finance to transportation and across the developing and developed countries, technology permeates cultures and lives. BCS 2019 will address the role of technology in modern day life.

The panels

Future of Smart Transportation

Future of Fintech & Blockchain

Future of Computing & AI

Future of Culture and Entertainment.

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