30th Annual BABC Forecast Luncheon | 2020 Visions for Technology

You are cordially invited to join us at this flagship BABC Event, at its new location! The Julia Morgan Ballroom. Our expert panelists will share their insights into the future for technology in the Bay Area and its impact on our local economy.


The tech industry is a driving force behind the Bay Area economy. Although the industry seems to be booming and local unemployment rates are at all all-time low, both mature companies and startups have made deep cuts to their workforces and, according to a recent survey, workers in the tech industry have started to see cuts in corporate spending. In particular, growth in the SaaS sector seems to have slowed.

  • What is the 2020 forecast for the Bay Area?s tech sector?
  • Where are VC’s focusing their investments – AI, big data, Fintech, hardware, life sciences, 5G? How has this changed from last year to this coming year?
  • Will we see consolidation/collapse in certain tech sectors?
  • Is the Bay Area losing its edge as the US tech leader or is it just a changing market?
  • Where is the gig economy headed? Will it continue to be key to successful startups or will employees reject it as class warfare?
  • What will be the new ?big thing? in 2020 that will amaze (and possibly annoy) consumers?


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