31st Annual Technology Conference at the Harvard Business School

For the first time post-pandemic, the Tech Club at Harvard Business School will host an in-person Annual Tech Conference on February 26th, 2023. The conference will serve as an avenue for leaders from across a variety of spheres to come together and discuss issues that will shape the future of technology in a variety of industries.

Our confirmed panelists to date include:

– Directors from renowned tech giants and consulting firms

– International public leaders spearheading effort to digitize governments

– Partners from tech VC and investment management firms

- Niche tech players in both hardware and software services

Together, these experienced leaders will participate in the following panels, as per their relevant expertise:

– AI/Autonomous Vehicles


– Big Tech

– Climate Tech

– Consumer Tech

– Diversity in Tech

– EdTech

– Entertainment & Media

– FinTech

– Tech in Emerging Markets

– Tough Tech

Limited tickets on sale. We look forward to seeing you!

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