AI Cybersecurity Threats – The Real Deal

Artificial intelligence is being utilized in powerful and beneficial ways in products and services, but AI can also be used for malicious intents. We often hear of cybercriminals using AI in automated attacks, having AI-driven chatbots go rogue, exploit or steal data, develop counter measures to create new malware, and much more. But is AI really that powerful? Many skeptics believe this is all hype rather than AI becoming the new Skynet of tomorrow. Should companies actively consider adapting AI cyber strategies to protect their infrastructure and customers? Can cyberattacks get more and more powerful using AI? How can cybersecurity experts protect the future of misuse of data and hacking exploitations?

Join us for an active discussion to understand the real threats in AI cybersecurity. Network over drinks and food with CISOs, CEOs, CTOs, Analysts, Data Scientists, Engineers, Data & Privacy Experts, Entrepreneurs, and many more.


Richard Borden – Cyber Law and Data Protection Partner
White and Williams LLP & ORock Technologies

Richard is an experienced Financial Services and Critical Infrastructure Cyber lawyer with experience in Fintech, technology, privacy and cybersecurity law. He is supporting one of the most sophisticated information security groups allowed that has allowed him to be involved in some of the most complex cyber issues. Richard translates complex regulatory and policy requirements into actionable operational solutions, which are audit friendly. He is a leading voice in the science of analyzing data workflows to identify risk areas from the perspectives of process, policy, and technological controls. He has worked across risk management, operations,IT and legal to articulate risk and drive the development of a universal mitigation strategy in alignment with his clients’ overall risk management tolerances. Richard is particurlary well-versed in the following areas: novel privacy and cyber risk information aggregation, reporting frameworks for C-suite and boards of directors evaluations, regulatory investigations and compliance counseling, evelopment of GDPR Compliance Programs, cybercrime and data breach insurance policies and claims, and many more.


Jessica Robinson – CEO & #1 Best-Selling Co-Author
PurePoint International

Jessica helps CEOs prevent data breaches by bridging the gap between physical and cyber security. PurePoint International is the #1 security company of choice for women-led and/or owned businesses and organizations globally and is the winner of the JCI Philippines-New York ICON of IMPACT Award for International Affairs and Women’s Security for her work with CEOs and innovative approach with global businesses. PurePoint supports their clients with: CISO/DPO consulting, incident response and remediation (implement SIEM, IDS, DLP), cyber security board governance, cyber security awareness training, data protection and privacy, regulatory compliance and standards (NYCRR 500 DFS, GDPR, HIPPA, NIST). PurePoint International provides consulting focused on creating a safe and empowered workplace for insurance companies, financial services companies, credit unions, global middle market companies, and international non-profits with $150M – $500M in revenue. Jessica is co-author of the #1 Amazon best seller “Mission Unstoppable” with George Fraser and Les Brown. Jessica is a board member, and Cyber Security Chair, for the Safe America Foundation, and is a board member, and leads the Safety and Security Committee, with World Pulse.


Mario DiNatale – Chief Technology Officer
Mario garner’s a reputation as one of today’s most prolific technology visionaries, while simultaneously distinguishing himself as a charismatic and versatile CIO/CTO, in both the public and private sectors. Today Mario acts as a Mentor and Adviser to numerous startups. Even while acting in an executive capacity, Mario still remains regularly engaged as a trusted Cybersecurity Adviser to a multitude of Governments, Fortune 50 Corporations, Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies, as well as an ad-hoc member to cybersecurity “Red-Teams” when called upon.



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