AI & ML to combat fraud. Deep tech dive into how it works in the real world…

Ayasdi, has won many awards for its Artificial Intelligent platform for enterprises. One of the sector is servers very well is financial services. The company was recently bought by Symphony and became part of their AI portfolio. Some major Financial services brands run on its platform.

This event is tech deep dive with two product managers that have directly worked on creating these applications. We will look at use cases and technology that powers AI and ML applications focused on combating payment fraud.

We will discuss Machine Intelligence Applications and their philosophy how they use :
2. Predict
3. Justify
4. Act
5. Learn
To build truly intelligent applications.

Speaker: Mr.Diljit Singh

Sr. Director Product Management. He will speak about Payment integrity, and Fraud models. He has been working in the field for a while. And has delivered AI/Machine learning applications for mobile, financial services and healthcare. He launched initial applications on Amazon Fire phone including Kindle Reader, Silk Browser, and Music player. Built initial voice/speech for mobile in the early days of Alexa.
For Ayasdi built Anti Money Laundering (AML/KYC) and Fraud applications.

Speaker : Mr.Simarpal Khaira
Product Manager at Symphony AyasdiAI. He will present on Intelligent Segmentation of direct and pseudo-customers using Ayasdi’s Machine Learning technology that can significantly reduce false positives, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the Anti-Money Laundering Function.

Speaker : Ms. Sheela Ursal

Fintech Expert and Adviser. Trend and best practices on use of AI and ML in payments. We will review some note-able use case and how companies have been able to leverage new technology to reduce and identify fraud.

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