AI Sustainable Development Summit

The AI Sustainable Development Summit is the Destination for AI-driven social innovation during the 74th United Nations General Assembly.

About this Event

The AI Sustainable Development Summit was founded by former UN Advisors and technologists as a means to accelerate progress on the world’s most ambitious challenges. Our mission is to integrate AI, big data, and Internet-of-Things (I0T) solutions into social impact projects within the UN ecosystem, international policy, and through private sector applications.


– Big Data for Measuring & Predicting Sustainable Development

– Smart Cities, Urbanization, and Societies of the Future

– Turn your Government into an AI Startup: Where Policy Leaders can Learn from Tech

– AI for Financial Inclusion: Fintech for Everyone

– Refuge in Design: Intelligent Systems for Refugees and Disaster Relief Efforts

– AI for Wellbeing: Healthy Data for Healthy Lives

– Frontier Technologies: 5G, Blockchain, IoT, and Ecosystems of Tomorrow

– Doomsday Terminated: Preventing AI for Evil

– More to be announced soon


– Policy Leaders: From leaders of national governments attending the United Nations General Assembly to the chambers of City Hall, these progressive thinkers are here to upgrade how their governments do business

– Start-Ups for Impact: Mission-driven start-up founders creating social impact through innovative business models and advanced data systems

– Investors: Venture capitalists and angels who back innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. They are scouting disruptive potential and diplomatic founders on a mission: the perfect blend to create impact.

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