ake and UX: How blockchain (that built bitcoin), can reshape the future of Haiti

On February 7th, we will discuss how blockchain (that built bitcoin), can reshape the future of Haiti and its diaspora. We will delve deep into how blockchains and cryptocurrency can change the way we live, society, do business, and improve governments.

After the major success of Simple UX Design Principles That Will Drastically Improve Your Marketing Campaigns Webinar with American Marketing Association and Aquent/Vitamin T on April 18, Bettinna Justinien, President and Creative Director of Bettymedia™ bring Cake and UX to the business and startup world. A presentation/discussion series, serving cake and wine, while providing an enjoyable workshop experience to entrepreneurs, founders, small business owners, marketers, developers, designers, and students.

This event is held in partnership with U.S. Haitian Chamber of Commerce, Inc., that promote and assist Haitian American businesses by creating a platform where they can showcase their services to the communities in Massachusetts.

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