Algorand Use Cases in Fintech, Insurtech, Supply Chain, Blockchain

With food & drink, attendees will see four 10-minute demo’s / use cases focusing on the practical implementation of DLT and Algorand, followed by10-15 minutes of Q&A for the panel. Please plan to arrive at 399 Boylston in the 7:45-8am window, check in at security, rise to the 8th Floor offices of Algorand, grab some food and drink and prepare for a series of mind-bending innovations. Capacity is limited.


1. Fintech: Thomas Arul, CEO at Bleumi – A non-custodial, digital currency payment system.

2. Insurtech: Nicos Vekarides, CEO at Attestiv – Guided workflows and authenticated image & video.

3. Supply Chain: Ophir Gaathon, CEO at DUST Identity – Nanodiamonds to create an unclonable identity layer on any object.

4. Algorand Tools: Derek Yoo, CEO at Purestake – Algorand API Service, GoalSeeker Block Explorer.


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