Alleycon 2020

Alleycon 2020 is Columbia Business School’s 3rd annual tech conference.

Alleycon’s mission is to drive new conversations in tech by posing critical questions that often go unasked. This year’s Alleycon 2020 will explore how tech is flipping today’s definition of business on its head to enable unimaginable impact tomorrow. Sponsored by Microsoft for the third year in a row, Alleycon 2020 will be home to a diverse group of thought leaders that hail from all walks of life in tech: executives in mature companies, start-up disruptors, VC investors, and policymakers.

This year’s conference will fall into three segments:

1) REDEFINE: How are founders with unconventional ideas upending traditional industries?

2) REDESIGN: How can design thinking overturn corporate norms to maximize the imapct of tech-enabled products?

3) REDISCOVER: How do tech giants return to their roots to remain on the forefront of innovation?

For more information visit Sponsoring Columbia Business School organizations include:

  • Columbia Entrepreneurs Organization
  • Technology Business Group
  • Venture Capital Club
  • FinTech & Blockchain
  • Columbia Innovation & Design
  • Data Analytics Club


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