AlphaVHack – Fintech & Blockchain hackathon

The best way to learn something often is to just throw yourself in.

The open source community has made a ton of amazing tools for us to create blockchain, fintech, and data analytics tools. With blockchain you can create truly decentralized applications, helping people have more trust and transparency in the world. Fintech applications allow better resource managment, retirement savings, alpha seeking strategies and more. Not to mention blockchain and fintech engineers in Boston can make over $200k a year.

We invite everyone (experienced and new) to come take part in our first hackathon.

We will have workshops and tutorials on blockchain as well as introductory algorithmic trading tutorials. Woot woot!

We want users to build anything that excites them, and prompts will be given the day of. Teams of 1 – 5 people are recommended, and prizes will be given out after to see what everyone’s made! This is happening at the WeWork at 31 St. James Ave in Boston, MA.

We hope to see everyone there!

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