Applications of AI in Fintech


Dr. Sara Saperstein, Lead Data Scientist from MassMutual

Dr. Otkrist Gupta, VP of Data Science from Lendbuzz

Deniz Johnson, Founder at Pera-Partners, LLC


Aashu Virmani, EVP, Sales and Marketing at Logix

Artificial Intelligence is disrupting every industry with its capability to solve problems at scales which were impossible before. The Fintech industry has been one of the major beneficiaries of many recent advances in this field. The efficiency, low-risk and accessibility of this technology are the main factors that have contributed towards the success of many startups and financial institutions in their Fintech journey. Today, every major financial institution and company is leveraging AI for reducing cost through predicting risk & demand as well as increasing profit by introducing new products and services powered by AI. Automation, voice assistance and chat bots have drastically reduced the banking cost and improved the customer experience. Automatic fraud detection and prediction of churn rate have reduced the cost and financial risk for financial institutions.The story of AI in Fintech also includes many challenges. transparency, interpret-ability, biases, ethics, regulations and compliance are major factors to be reckoned with while considering the use of AI to solve the problems in Fintech industry.

In this panel discussion, We will hear from Fintech industry experts speakers about their experience in solving problems with AI and the major challenges they have faced on their journey. We will explore various applications of AI in the Fintech industry and what the future promises

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