Artificial Intelligence and Threat Intelligence

Cost: $1,000 per person (20% discount when you register for all five seminars)

What this includes: Continental breakfast, lunch, and a day of seminars with expert instructors

Topics that will be covered:

Artificial Intelligence

This seminar will provide a fundamental understanding of how artificial intelligence and cyber tools will affect the global battlefield in the years to come. Beginning by exploring the current status of artificial intelligence technology, the published cyber capabilities of international actors, and the current United States cyber strategy. Then a look at the projected abilities of artificial intelligence and its implications for warfare, based on released statements by both the private sector and government actors. This seminar is about the upcoming role of artificial intelligence as it applies to cyber strategy and national defense.

Instructor: Sam Chughtai

Mr. Chughtai has served as a U.S. State Department Advisor and was the recipient of the Microsoft Military Affairs Award for Veterans Recruitment. He serves as an Adjunct Professor for UW Bothell School of Business and the Seattle University School of Law. Mr. Chughtai dedicates his time as a board member for Attain Housing and as a Council Chair for the Pacific Northwest Cybersecurity Business Leadership Council at the University of Washington. He is globally recognized for his work with some of the world’s leading organizations, including IBM, Microsoft, KPMG, Accenture, and U.S. Federal & State Governments in Cybersecurity, Privacy, Digital Innovation, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech & Smart Cities.

Threat Intelligence

This seminar introduces threat analysis and cyber threat analysis as a function of government and business threat intelligence. It is a primer on methods and means of cyber intrusion in an attempt to garner information and how to detect and mitigate the impact. It will provide an understanding of intelligence gathering and the intelligence cycle, and it will bridge the traditional intelligence tradecraft methods and how they are used in cyber threat intelligence.

Instructor: Paul Davis

Mr. Davis is the owner of JANUSThink, an IT innovation consulting firm, and he serves as the VP of Business Development. He has over 30 years of combined business and intelligence operations experience. His intelligence work began as a tactical military intelligence analyst concentrating on the Soviet Union, followed by North Korea and the Middle East. Mr. Davis was a senior counterintelligence analyst for the U.S. government and has been a consultant on numerous vertical areas and has then published a number of reports. Mr. Davis consults with several small businesses and writes a number of articles for foreign and domestic outlets on issues ranging from foreign policy to politics

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