Banking On Blockchain: Exploring Decentralization [Expert Panel]

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We’re very excited to announce a new event on July 18th, Banking On Blockchain: Exploring Decentralization [Expert Panel]!

This event will also include networking in addition to panel session. Connect with people in the industry.

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We will be unveiling speakers as we get closer to the date.

Of all of the industries that experts believe will be disrupted by blockchain technology, banking is one of the leading points of interest.

Facebook just announced Project Libra, aiming to shake up the world of payments with crypto. With potential to disrupt entire payment industry. Our panel will discuss what the future holds for Facebook’s foray into cryptocurrency.

A lot has changed since the 2017 free wheeling days of ICOs. The regulations are more stringent now and yet, we are still in the early stages of decentralization. This year the trend started for Initial Exchange Offerings such as Binanace, Bittrex, Kraken and many more. Learn all the insider views on why it became such a hot ticket item and how you can ride the trend.

The concept of decentralized banking is potentially game changing and we have front-row seats for you to this debate. This year, we are closer than ever to this reality. There are a number of decentralized exchanges that are live right now, and you can use them any time.

+++++But what are the next steps?

+++++What areas can we, as the blockchain community, impact?

+++++What challenges will blockchain face when trying to disrupt this industry?

+++++This is very disruptive to centralized exchanges, so is it possible for stock exchanges to adopt the same philosophy?

+++++Facebook just announced Project Libra. Our experts weigh in on its possibilities as a payment network. What could it mean for businesses? Could it replace PayPal / Visa / Venmo as a global payment methods

+++++Is Ai next for decentralized exchanges and in what shape?


Speakers (we will be unveiling additional spekers closer to date of event):

Gal Eldar – Product Lead at AirSwap – Leading Decentralized Exchange

AirSwap is a decentralized, peer-to-peer token trading network powered by Ethereum and currently has three products: Instant, OTC, and DexIndex. Buying and selling tokens on AirSwap is secure, simple, and without fees. AirSwap’s mission is to empower people through global, frictionless trade.

Ian Harvey – Technical Lead at MakerDAO – Decentralized Stablecoin

When thinking about the future of cryptocurrency, many believe that MakerDAO will be a big part of it. Their decentralized stablecoin, MKR, is currently the 24th largest in the world by market cap. In a world of volatile coins and uncertainty, MakerDAO is a strong, stable pillar of the community.
The project emphasizes the free nature of cryptocurrency and the ability for incredible disruption in every industry by blockchain technology. At a market cap of over $634 million, most experts believe that MakerDAO will not only survive this blockchain revolution, but that they will thrive in it.

Peter Borovykh – Blockchain Solution Architect at BlockchainDriven

Peter Borovykh is a renowned visionary on blockchain and its future possibilities. He is a Blockchain Solution Architect at and has been featured in numerous publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, MSN, Future Trends, Yahoo Finance, Bitcoinist, Fortune, Inside Bitcoins, and many others. He is the author of “Blockchain Applications in Finance”. Peter has spoken at conferences on blockchain and crypto markets around the globe New York Fintech Week, Blockchain for WallStreet and many more.


All of these questions and more will be answered at Banking On Blockchain: Exploring Decentralization [Expert Panel] on July 18! Let’s shine a light on this industry with insiders from decentralized banking and exchanges.

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