Blockchain and Security

Event Description Blockchain technology is and remains as one of the most important technologies we possibly can witness in our life even though we are currently experiencing some challenging investment environment. Are we ready for the best time of blockchain technology? What products are the blockchain companies developing under this environment ? We invited three companies to share their vision and products: Button Wallet: Button Wallet ( ) is a Telegram based multi-currency wallet. With the ability to hold, send transactions and crypto x crypto exchange, users find Button the Venmo for crypto. The company was part of MIT Playlabs, StartupBoostLA and ETCLabs, San Francisco. The wallet has gained 100k users organically over the last several months. Most recently, they won 5 nominations at ETHDenver, more nominations than any other company. Button is based in Moscow and Los Angeles. Founders Alex, Nick and Kirill have won countless hackathons around the globe. With 15 years of startup experience, Rachael handles the company business affairs. Focused on community, evolution and authenticity, the whole team works tirelessly to bring helpful fintech products to life. PDX Technologies: PDX Technologies, Inc. ( ) is a blockchain and data security company founded in 2015 with the vision to reconstruct the new secure and trustworthy digital age using PDX blockchain hypercloud and the PDX DataX data exchange platform. PDX is a member of China Payment and Clearing Association and formed various strategic partnerships to promote blockchain technologies in China and abroad Jiangang Zhang, aka JZ, is Founder & CEO of PDX Technologies, Inc ( Mr. Zhang has 4 patents pending/applied on blockchain. Mr. Zhang is an expert in the CECBC Blockchain Committee of the Commerce Ministry of China and was invited by People’s Bank of China to research on digital concurrency infrastructure. Mr. Zhang had held a senior technical executive roles in various multinationals. SealBlock: SealBlock ( ) is a blockchain startup focusing on securing crypto assets for enterprise customers with hardware based encryption. Dr. Rick Wang has developed a number of patents in privacy protection, hardware encryption and blockchain security. His research has helped Microsoft, Amazon, Google, PayPal, Facebook and other technology companies improve the security of their products. 1) Sponsor. 2 minutes introduction of your company, bring 2 banners for display, include VIP Meetup. 2) Pitch Project Рwelcome highly industry related. 10 minute project pitch, include VIP Meetup. 3) VIP Meetup. Participants are project co-founder, investors, and industry experts. High-end conference. 2:00pm-3:00pm. 4) Free General Admission. Co-host: ZGC Innovation Center NABA (North America Blockchain Association)

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