Blockchain & Crypto in Financial Markets – An Introductory Course

Welcome to Blockchain & Crypto in Financial Markets – An Introductory Course

This beginner’s session is designed for financial markets and fintech professionals who are beginning their journey to understand the implications for blockchain and cryptoassets in global financial markets. Topics will include:

  • Understanding blockchain and cryptoasset basics; origins, definitions and uses.
  • Current and future use cases for blockchain and crypto in global markets and beyond.
  • Exchanges, custodians and the framework for financial market adoption; what you need to know.
  • Smart contracts and the evolution of law in global markets.
  • Regulatory and legislative challenges; understanding the global legal landscape.
  • How to keep up; strategic planning for a blockchain and cryptoasset future.
  • And much more…

Ron possesses almost three decades of experience in the global financial services and technology industries. He currently serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, the world’s leading non-profit trade association promoting the comprehensive adoption of blockchain technology and cryptoassets across global financial markets. He is the editor and contributing author of the book “Blockchain in Financial Markets and Beyond: Challenges and Applications”, published Risk Books, as well as contributor to “Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Regulation 2019”, published by Global Legal Insights. In addition, he was recently named to the Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting list by Accounting Today in 2018. He is a frequent guest of major media outlets, including Bloomberg Radio, and is a sought-after speaker and writer regarding financial technology and innovation. Ron also serves as an advisor to multiple startups and corporations focused on fintech innovation and blockchain technology.

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