Blockchain for Beginners

What exactly is blockchain, and why does it matter?

Transferring funds to someone instantly, without a middle man like a bank and a 2-day waiting period. Transferring property rights, securely and legally, without a broker. Owning your data in the digital space, in a way that’s tamper-proof.

All these things and more are becoming possible with the rise of blockchain technology.

In this brief session, we’ll teach you:

  • what blockchain is––and what it isn’t

  • the value of blockchain for public and private enterprises

  • ways that blockchain is currently used, or may soon be used, across different industries including healthcare, supply chain, and finance

  • the legal and regulatory challenges blockchain faces

  • the problems that blockchain is currently solving

Please bring a laptop and a smart phone if you have one and would like to participate in a hands-on demonstration.

About the instructor:

David Fragale

David is C.O.O of Arwen, formerly Commonwealth Crypto, a blockchain company based in Boston, MA.

In 2014, David was appointed as an MIT Sloan Fellow in Innovation and Global Leadership, where he focused on innovation and emerging technology trends like fintech, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain through collaboration with MIT professors and fellows from more than 35 different countries around the world. He previously advised the U.S. Treasury’s TARP program during the height of the financial crisis, published numerous white papers and articles, and has spoken at conferences and events on blockchain technology and his experiences.

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