Blockchain for Beginners: What it is and how to leverage it in your career

In the midst of yet another significant downturn in the price of the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin celebrated its 10-year anniversary. Blockchain, the technology underpinning Bitcoin, continues to be explored and applied in numerous innovative ways across payments, capital markets, supply chain, and even IoT.

From books and videos to presentations and talks, we hear that blockchain is poised to reinvent the way we do business, and it could even redefine our economy. With such immense potential, there’s a lot of reason to believe the hype! But beyond the buzzword, what exactly is blockchain and how do you actually work with blockchain technology to leverage it for your career or business model?

Our one-day blockchain workshop will answer these questions and more. In this session we’ll teach you to:

Translate business and functional requirements into technical design

Learn key skills and terminology to conduct high-level discussions with technical blockchain engineers and developers

Understand legal and regulatory considerations of blockchain technology

Learn about smart contracts and how they can be applied to your business

Select the right blockchain solution based on particular needs and requirements

Identify areas of opportunity for building a career in the blockchain market

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