Building the Future of Finance: Austin Exclusive Meet

Welcome to the Future of Finance Exclusive Austin Meetup! We’re glad you’re here.

This event is an open space for thought leaders to discuss the challenges and successes in building decentralized finance solutions that reach the masses.

Meet the RIF Contributors attending the event:

IOVLabs VP Growth Pei Chen

IOVLabs VP Product Tim Paymans

IOVLabs Director Brand & Communications Sam Golden

IOVabs Head of Financial Services & User Services Toby Box

IOVLabs Account Executive Fran Vázquez Noceti

There will be a food buffet and cocktails provided during this event. Relax, network, and hopefully crack some of those problems you’ve been stuck on.

RIF is on a mission to accelerate the development of useful, affordable 
 and scalable fintech products and services on 
 the blockchain.

Join the community of fintech leaders, Web2 and Wb3 builders collaborating to build a new financial system that serves everyone.

RIF is built using Rootstock smart contracts and is a key player in the Rootstock DeFi for Bitcoin ecosystem. Use RIF on Rootstock to onboard new users to your DeFi protocol at speed.

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