Building the New Financial World w/ Shamir Karkal, CEO & Co-Founder at Sila

We are very excited to have serial entrepreneur Shamir Karkal join us for the evening!

As the former co-founder and CFO at Simple, Shamir Karkal knows first hand how hard it can be to start a fintech company. Getting access to the right financial services to build your initial product can be slow and painful. His latest venture, Sila, is dedicated to making that journey much easier for the next generation of fintech entrepreneurs.

Sila is a simple, secure, and accessible suite of developer tools offering core financial services via API. Initially those services will include ID verification, account linking and payments.

Sila is built on top of the Sila Token , which is pegged to the US dollar via a centralized, 100% reserve held in USD-based instruments, and is guaranteed to be stable and retain its value even in the most extreme volatility environments. The token forms the basis for a fintech API platform that will enable fast, regulatory-compliant payments, and other uses of money, with minimal reliance on the traditional banking system.

Shamir will reflect on his journey as a fintech entrepreneur and why he thinks Sila will be part of of unleashing the next wave of innovation in finance.

You can read more about Sila Here:

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