IE Business School Presents Career Advice for Female Professionals in Finance and FinTech (Alumni Panel)

According to the 2017 World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report, “Female talent remains one of the most underutilized business resources.” In some industries this is especially clear. In finance especially, as career level rises, female representation declines. Although 46% of financial services employees are women, only 15% are at the executive level.

At IE Business School, we are dedicated to supporting women reach their professional goals by providing them the platforms to excel and break industry barriers. During this conversation, three distinguished female alumni working in finance will discuss how the gender gap within the industry is both a challenge and an opportunity.

They will explore how finance is about more than just making money but making a difference, how a career in finance can lead to lifelong learning opportunities, and how women are shaping the future financial landscape.



Sofia Iglesias, Vice President of Portfolio Management at J.P. Morgan

Stasja Krzeminski,  Vice President of US Group Corporate Architecture at Barclays Investment Bank

Anna Vershebeniuk, Investor at Thrive Capital

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