Career Move to Fintech (from Traditional Engineering). Speaker Michael van…

We are launching a career track series on popular demand.

Please join us for talk by Michael Van Steen who not only made a super successful transition from traditional engineering into financial services early in his career, but continues to work at the crossroad of finance and technology for over two decades.

Here in Silicon Valley, we find many folks wanting to know how to make the transition from engineering into the very nuanced and regulated financial services industry. We often are asked, How does someone with a traditional engineering background, yet with little knowledge of financial services, learn and launch products in finance? This talks aims to help provide answers to that question.

Michael van Steen, has undergraduate and graduate engineering degrees in Civil Engineering from UC Berkeley, spent the first part of his career teaching upper division fluid mechanics classes at Cal and then, for a major global engineering firm, analyzing large dams, designing undersea natural gas pipelines, and building LNG terminals. From this very traditional engineering background, he moved, literally over a weekend years ago, into credit models, financial platform development, payment system technology, and bank portfolio simulations.

Michael will discuss how this career move happened, the differences between, say, “traditional” engineering and the engineering he has seen and led at fintechs, and enumerate the various ways he has seen engineering types succeed, and not succeed, when making this move. In particular, Michael will discuss how his very technical background was positioned to the financial institutions he worked for and also the ways he needed to change to work in these environments.

This should be a illuminating and informative talk given Michael’s vast knowledge and work in the industry along with his great sense of humor.

Please sign up soon, we expect this talk to be sold out.

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