Chicago – Deep Dive into AI: Training & Advisory (You plus team)

Jumpstart your AI initiatives on the right footing with a deep dive into AI training and advisory session by leading AI scientists. [case studies: Healthcare, Insurance, FinTech, NLP, Hedge Funds, Political campaigns] [Limited Time Run ]

Time & Location

Feb 18, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM EST
Byteflow Dynamics , 135 W 41st St, New York, NY 10036, USA

About the Event

Deep Dive into AI and Data Science with business case studies and fundamentals of data science:

The program is designed by a team of AI Research scientists led by lead AI scientist Andi Shehu, PhD [] to get you up to speed with all things AI, Machine Learning and data science. You will get to see what’s under the hood of some of our products and Byteflows’ AI methodology towards prototyping AI products. We will walk you through the process of prototyping and iteration towards full solutions as the business benefits become clear.

Diagnostic: After each topic introduced, you will be given the opportunity to evaluate and diagnose your business or career and write down possible applications on the covered topic.

What you will get:

Blueprints for your AI initiatives

Answers from top AI experts

Advisory on building successful data science teams

A clear picture of the current state of AI and whats under the hood of such products.

Who attends the seminar:

HR directors: how to recruit top data scientists; how to fill for specific roles.

Directors of Technology: best practices data acquisitions, building in house vs. using SAS

Investors and Entrepreneurs: make wiser AI investments; learn the fundaments of AI; receive advisory on potential investments.

Analytics managers: [advisory on the ongoing projects and budgeting for 2020]

Data scientists & AI research scientists: see what other data scientists are working on; identify possible future collaborators.

Academics: how to build successful data science programs; AI for research.

Domains and projects Andi has been working on and will be sharing:

Hedge Funds: neural networks for high-frequency trading

Insurance: member retention; risk management; claims cost predictions

Nursing facilities: Patient referral bot

Healthcare: MLTC; Star Ratings; Quality Incentives; Marketing & Branding using AI to find the least resistive path

Government & National Security:

People Analytics: data scraping and analysis of student data

Topics covered:

  • AI and automation
  • Recommender systems
  • Machine Learning: supervised and unsupervised
  • Text Analytics; NLP
  • Data Scraping
  • Case studies in finance, health care, insurance, hedge funds, and more.


Why attend:

See post written by Andi Shehu, Principal AI Research Scientist, on the risks of building AI products with developer mentality vs. data science, which got a shout out by the famous DJ Patil, former WHITE HOUSE CHIEF DATA SCIENTIST: We believe in educating our clients on the tools and methodologies, showing what’s under the hood, so you can make more educated decisions about your business.

Group size is small allowing for a highly personalized session – you plus up to three members of your team.

Do I need to know programming to attend?

No. The material is designed for professionals who may be more involved in making business decisions, may have some background in math.

Seminar Host:

Andi Shehu, PhD [Connect on LinkedIn with short intro message]

AI Research Scientist.

Theoretical Physics PhD – Quantum Information Theory

Andi is a practicing data scientist with a background in theoretical Physics (PhD in Quantum Information Theory). He specializing in building algorithms using alternative and traditional data for signal generation and streamlining algorithm processes. He also teaches machine learning, data science, and AI seminars throughout New York City (Columbia Univesity, NYU, Cornell, CUNY).

Andi advises companies in the early phases of AI product development, data science team building, and ultimately aligning business growth through data science and AI. Andi does this through a combination of advisory services, hands-on data science training, and using his resources to build profitable AI products.

About Byteflow Dynamics

We are a top AI consultancy based in NYC run by Andi Shehu. Working on various projects has taught us a lot about the process of breaking down business problems into small executable tasks and leveraging AI for real business value.


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