Crypto Digital Space, New York, USA

Daily Schedule

Introduction: Sol Steinberg – Founding Partner, OTC Partners

SESSION 1: Robert Savage – CEO, CCTrack Solutions, LLC

SESSION 2: Zura Kakushadze – Ph.D., CEO, Quantigic® Solutions. Author, “151 Trading Strategies”

Leadership Discussion Panel 1: Rocky Road to Institutional Crypto: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Vladimir Danishevsky – Head of Corporate Bonds Flow eTrading IT, Citi
  • Michael Petersohn – Co-Founder, ARC FinTech
  • Garrett Nenner – Global Head of Trading Product, Linedata
  • Biser Dimitrov – Enterprise Blockchain Architect, Tata Consultancy Services

Leadership Discussion Panel 2: ETH and BTC: a call option on future technology?

  • Eugene Lee – CFA, Co-Founder and Partner, Digital Mosaic Capital
  • Jim Kyung-Soo Liew – Ph.D. Assistant Professor and Co-Founder,
  • Brian Koralewski – Partner, Austere Capital
  • Mark Goldman – Principal, Zash
  • Bryan Feinberg – CEO and Founder, Etheralabs/Plato Technologies Inc. and Plato Search Inc.

SESSION 3: Jonathan Nelson – Managing Director at HACK Fund: Fixing Venture Capital

SESSION 4: Robert Griffitts- Partner, Masur Griffitts

Leadership Discussion Panel 3: Key Questions the CFTC Wants Answered About Ether

  • Gabe Frank – Institutional Custody and Cryptocurrency Security, BitGo
  • Haim Bodek – Managing Principal, Decimus Capital Markets
  • Wilfred Daye – Head of Financial Markets, OK Coin
  • Richard Rothenberg – Executive Director, Global A.I. Corp
  • Ron Quaranta – Chairman and CEO, Wall Street Blockchain Alliance

Final Discussion and Review: Sol Steinberg – Founding Partner, OTC Partners

Drinks Reception and Post-Conference Networking





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