D-TECH.FUND Presents: Freeman Capital App Launch Party (FinTech)

Freeman Capital Background
Freeman Capital is a Fin-Tech startup and registered investment adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). They use artificial intelligence to advise customers investing as little as $1 in stocks, real estate and alternative investments like private placements (such as startup investments) for a small monthly fee. Also, trading fees are waived for accounts under $25,000, as Freeman guides investment decisions for you.

Their AI is trained by actively engaged, human-certified financial planners.

That’s not all, Freeman educates its customers using core course offerings that give more personalized investment advice for a fraction of the price.

Freeman Capital raised $200,000+ in its friends and family round in mid-2019 before launching its first product to the public in late 2019. Calvin is looking to expand again with another friends and family round to expand its business.

Calvin’s Story:
After exiting a successful startup investment after a stint in the U.S. Department of Defense, Calvin found himself locked out of most sophisticated wealth planning services, despite his windfall. So in 2015, Calvin founded Freeman Capital to assist other investors in accessing harder to find alternative investments, in real time, by cutting operating expenses and fees, using properly-trained AI.

How you can help:
Freeman Capital is expanding into the retail market, and you can help Freeman. Attend our app launch party and provide quality control, design and pitch feedback directly to Freeman as it tries to grow its current valuation to new heights.

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