Demo Day: Almaworks Cohort IX (Virtual)

Almaworks Demo Day is the culmination of an 8-week accelerator program of Columbia startups. We take no equity and aim to help early-stage startups and run by NYC student entrepreneurs achieve significant, sustainable growth. Our student startups have collectively raised $14M in seed funding and enrolled in programs such as Y Combinator and TechStars.

  1. Forestry ML: an AI-powered consulting firm that helps clients adopt data science and ML technologies.
  2. GlitchGlobal: an online gaming platform that provides a solution to online tournament experience and turns gamers’ effort into earnings.
  3. Kama: a dating app that streamlines the dating process and subsidizes users’ dates with substantial discounts by partnering with local restaurants.
  4. Whiterock: an AI software-based solution that empowers real estate investors by using ML algorithms to analyze up-to-date data.
  5. Epsom-It: a patented drug-free lotion that uses concentrated pure Epsom Salt to relieve nerve pain and muscle recovery.
  6. Grubify: a dinning-hall food delivery app and web-service that optimizes the marketplace for on-campus student orderers and deliverers.
  7. Unplug Collective: a social media-based community that focuses on mental health and body liberations of black and brown women and non-binary folks of all sizes.
  8. BOLD: a mobile-based product that makes it easier to meet people as you go about your day by identifying nearby users who hare niche interests with you.
  9. BlueTeam: a talent market place for independent cybersecurity contractors, starting with Fintech here in New York.
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