Doubters vs. Die-Hards: Blockchain Battle of the Minds

Almost a decade after Satoshi’s now-famous white paper, much has been said about the functionality and impact of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Since then, industry giants became household names, communities formed around crypto coins, fortunes have been made and lost, and centralized institutions have evolved to include cryptoassets. Yet, academics, the media, and fintech experts are as divided as ever about the future of blockchain and whether we will ever see a true blockchain revolution and mass adoption of the technology. Please join us for a meaningful deep dive with both pro- and anti-blockchain experts, to reach across the aisle and wrestle with the industry’s foundational questions: Is cryptocurrency the future of money, and will we have only one coin? Is blockchain in 3019 or does it have practical application right now? Will it make as much impact as was originally promised? Will everything move to encryption and decentralized networks? What’s next for the technology? We’ll kick the night off with some drinks and light snacks, then at 7:30PM we’ll have a panel discussion. Bring your questions since we’ll have an audience Q&A at 8:30pm. Sponsored by Def Method and Logos Network, this event is free to all. We look forward to seeing you!

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