Emerging Business Opportunities in Blockchain and Web3.0

Recent headlines about blockchain and Web3 have been dominated by unprecedented adversity. While many business professionals have shied away as a result, others have sought to dig deeper and understand the consequences. What new opportunities have emerged from the recent fallout? Why are corporate and institutional blockchain projects accelerating? How are competitors and business builders using this technology to engage clients, target new customer demographics, and coalesce partnership networks? As uncertainty in the macro environment has reached a crescendo, the need for businesses to secure opportunities and shore up advantages has rarely been more consequential, or more complex. This workshop seeks to demystify the fulcrum that is blockchain.

This two-day workshop is introductory in nature and targeted to experienced business professionals who seek to discover and engage the blockchain and Web3 space. Prior experience in the technology sector is not required. Selected applicants accepted for the course will learn and begin to:

• Discern hype from substance, and distill the trade-offs inherent to utilizing blockchain technology

• Leverage your current experience and resources, and discover how blockchain can support the usage cases and applications relevant to your sector

• Look for business opportunities and take survey of the market landscape

• Get insight from experienced builders about their successes and failures building blockchain-enabled businesses

Join us for The Why of Web3.0 Good People Dinner starting at 6pm. Tickets $175

INSEAD Alum promo code upon request


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