ERM Transformation Journey: From Framework to Implementation

BetaRisk is excited to start 2020 by hosting ERM Roadshows in the United States; starting off in Washington D.C., week of February 3rd and in New York week of February 10th.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM): Transformation Journey from Framework to Implementation Washington DC is a 2-Day Seminar for strategic decision makers, executives and senior managers in enterprise leadership designed to take them through the journey of ERM implementation. The event is hosted by BetaRisk Managing Director and Co-Founder Ronald Chirochangu. Based in London, Ron is a top expert in Finance and Risk Management having worked with some of the largest institutions globally including UBS, Legal & General, Aviva and AXA. He is a transformational and strategic leader with over 15 years institutional experience across multi-asset investing, risk management, asset management, pensions, insurance, actuarial and investment banking capital markets

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Background Context

The board and other strategic business leaders need a deep understanding of the company’s risk profile. Full cycle ERM implementation is proving daunting, cumbersome and difficult to complete for many businesses. The Risk Management Association, RMA, highlight that some organizations have spent several millions without being able to meet their strategic business objectives and achieving appropriate results. These businesses have encountered difficulties implementing ERM after significant investment resulting in severe delays and ever moving completion targets. BetaRisk will take them through a Transformation journey with a focus on how to implement ERM in practice and deal with many strategic pain-points and difficulties that leaders are facing. These range from Risk Data and Infrastructure issues including legacy systems, data sourcing, and data quality, Enterprise Interoperability issues amongst a myriad of challenges. BetaRisk initially engages clients in an ERM Consult which will yield a RoadMap that starts the process to significantly enhance your ERM journey. Some key questions to be answered during the 2-Day Seminar;

Are Strategic leaders aware of their current Enterprise Risk in order to use this pro-actively in day-to-day business management?

Is their current risk profile in line with their Risk Appetite including analyzing various worst-case scenarios?

What are the dependencies in Enterprise Risk that could shift strategic assumptions?

Is ERM embedded in their strategic planning and decision making?

Prerequisites – Case Study

Programme level – Intermediate to Advanced

Delivery Method – In-person

Group discounts applicable


Day 1

8.00am – 8.30am: Breakfast and Sign-in

8.30am – 10.30am: Session 1

10.30am – 10:45am: Break

10.45am – 12:00pm: Session 2

12.00pm – 12.45pm: Lunch

12.45pm – 14:30pm: Session 3

14.30pm – 14:45pm: Break

14.45pm – 17:00am: Session 4

Day 2

8.00am – 8.30am: Breakfast and Sign-in

8.30am – 10.30am: Session 5

10.30am – 10:45am: Break

10.45am – 12:00pm: Session 6

12.00pm – 12.45pm: Lunch

12.45pm – 14:30pm: Case Study

14.30pm – 14:45pm: Break

14.45pm – 17:00am: Case Study, Q&A, Wrap-Up

Who should attend?

Senior Executives, Board Directors, Chief Risk Officers, Chief Finance Officers, Risk Leaders, Finance Leaders, Strategy Leaders and other Strategic Executives, Business Managers, Business Executives and Business Leaders.

Seminar Host: Ronald Chirochangu, MD & Co-Founder, BetaRisk,

Ron uses Risk Management insights to deliver strategic solutions for clients. Trusted by clients, especially during the difficult Global Financial Crisis (GFC), in 2008, a period of significant market dislocation, Ron provides leadership, innovation and a customer-first execution track-record in delivering large complex solutions for clients at UBS Investment Bank, over many years. He has a global network and a demonstrable track-record in engaging collaboratively with multiple stakeholders to deliver innovative solutions resulting in tangible stakeholder value creation through regulatory compliance, capital relief, optimized risk adjusted returns, increase in AUM, and valuation uplift. He can manage risk in an unstable climates and uncertain times e.g. During the 2008 GFC. He will share some of his insights from that time in some of the case studies covered in the ERM Roadshow. Ron has worked with some of the largest financial institutions globally including UBS, L&G, Aviva and AXA. He recently completed the Oxford Global Executive MBA in 2019 and enjoys playing golf.

About BetaRisk

BetaRisk provides Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solutions to financial institutions and corporations. Founded in 2014, in London, BetaRisk has worked with some of the largest insurers, banks and financial institutions globally.

Our Products and Services

Our cloud-based SaaS ERM technology platform is designed to empower clients to manage enterprise risks and provide key stakeholders with insights across their organization like never before. It enhances strategic decision-making, through more effective risk management resulting in more resilient and sustainable enterprises. Our market leading Services including Consulting, Learning and Training, and Managed Services ensuring our clients maximize value creation leveraging our technology. Through our ERM transformation journey clients can access full cycle ERM Services; this starts with an initial ERM Consult, establishment and implementation of the ERM Transformation RoadMap and ERM Health-Check and Risk Advisory.

If you are interested in creating a more resilient company/institution given the dynamic and disruptive nature of business today, get in touch so that we work with you on your ERM journey!

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