Financial Inclusion – Building a Profitable and Impactful Startup

The best example of financial inclusion via use of technology in the recent past has been the use of mobile money via the mobile phone.

Slowly but surely with use of technology we are fighting the good fight of lowering poverty through financial inclusion. Financial inclusion is critical not only to an individual but also to a wider economy.

It affects general well being, health, education, and women’s empowerment.

Technology, people, policy and infrastructure together can expand financial service and transform societies.

Our speakers for the event aim to do exactly that.

Speakers :

1. Catherine Cooper. Founder Emphathywise

Equal parts entrepreneur and research guru, Catherine is the driving force behind EmpathyWise. With over 25 years’ experience in research design, fieldwork, consulting, and idea generation, she brings a perfect blend of fresh perspective and tried-and- true methodology to every engagement. The only thing Catherine loves more than delving into consumers’ minds is guest speaking: she’s sought out for business schools, corporate workshops, and conference engagements. She is a charter member of the Qualitative Research Consultants’ Association (QRCA) and holds an MBA in Market Research from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

2. Nick Brown, CEO Clear Purchase
He is a payment system expert and entrepreneur for over 30 years. He is currently very focused on solving the Financial Inclusion challenge in developing countries via his startup Clear purchase.

Nick is a technical industry expert on payment infrastructure. He created and implementation the VISA Debit Card system at VISA International. He has also been involved in writing national and international standards for data security for the financial services industry.

He has been an executive for several startups over the last 15 years, mostly in FinTech, and is regularly being invited to speak on a range of topics including financial inclusion, payment fraud and entrepreneurship.
We are very lucky to have Nick speak at our event, bring all your questions technical and business and he will surely answer them. If you are passionate about solving the world’s financial inclusion problem he can guide you on it

3. TBD Startup CEO focused on building solutions for under served communities

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