FinTech Entrepreneurs helping FinTech Entrepreneurs Meetaway

This event is exclusively for entrepreneurs who are working in FinTech. If you’re an FinTech entrepreneur and want to collaborate with other FinTech entrepreneurs, then this event is for you so RSVP today!We’re bringing together FinTech entrepreneurs from across the country to share insights, contacts, and industry trends. I’m running the event online, over Meetaway, so you’ll be able to choose who you meet and then you’ll meet them over a series of 1:1 video calls. After each conversation, Meetaway will automatically rotate to the next one.Additionally, you’ll want to join the event on a laptop or desktop with Chrome or Firefox. Meetaway does not support mobile devices because having people on a laptop or desktop results in a better overall experience for everyone.If you want to connect with other FinTech entrepreneurs, then RSVP today!

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