Fintech Expert: Tales from the front lines. A Drama in 5 acts. By Michael v…

Tales from the FinTech front lines

A Drama in 5 acts

Please join us for a presentation by Michael van Steen where he will share stories from his long career working with analytic and financial technology at some of the biggest credit institutions on the planet. Michael will share tales about ultra proprietary super-duper secret models, how colored paper saved him from regulatory purgatory, how big financial companies invest their spare trillions, and how global mega banks view the world after the Great Financial Crisis. Come with your many questions and he’ll answer them all.

Michael van Steen has several decades of analytic finance, credit modeling, credit pricing, and credit portfolio management experience, most recently at Moody’s Analytics where he managed worldwide teams creating credit risk models, loan origination systems, regulatory frameworks, and portfolio management systems. He parameterized and deployed complex simulation software at major bank and insurance companies to improve their multi-billion-dollar portfolios.

Previous banking management experience at commercial lending portfolio of Wells Fargo Bank and financial technology experience at trade-finance focused financial technology firm he cofounded.

Undergraduate and Graduate engineering degrees from UC Berkeley along with additional coursework at several graduate business schools.

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