Fintech Founder and Investor. Conversations n Connections.

Inviting Fin-tech Founders and Investors to join us for a special networking evening.

Agenda is simple: Over food and drinks, spark as many connections and conversations between attendees as possible. Whether you are working on a startups idea or raising capital.

This is an opportunity to meet other professionals who are also working on Fintech initiatives, whether it be reg-tech, insurance tech, payments, investments, block-chain or bitcoin, what have you.

We hope to facilitate and build business connections in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. This event is for you to highlight your startup and share success stories or challenges.

We request that founders, co-founders, advisers and investors to join us. This event is specifically for founders and their immediate exec teams, if you aren’t part of it we request you join us at another upcoming event.

This event is for founders to discuss their success and challenges with a group of people that might share their trial and tribulations. Folks that might relate to what they are going through and folks that might be able to lend a helping hand.


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