Fintech Retreat – Happy Hour

This is a limited access networking event.

Fintech Retreat 2020 is coming on 1/22/2020 to Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park.

In case you couldn’t get a pass to the retreat or are unable to make it, we got some good news!

We are gathering participants from Fintech Retreat 2020 at our Happy Hour hosted at the Capgemini HQ in San Francisco.

What will happen at the Happy Hour?

You will have a chance to meet in person and network with some of the finance leaders participating at Fintech Retreat 2020.

As always locally made paninis, salad, beer and wine, music and a great mix of fintech professionals will be provided.


What is Fintech Retreat 2020?

You can learn more about Fintech Retreat 2020 here.

Who are the participants at Fintech Retreat 2020?

You can find the current list of participants at Fintech Retreat 2020 here.

Does a Happy Hour ticket grant access to Fintech Retreat 2020?

No. Fintech Retreat 2020 is a separate event. But thanks for asking!

Will all the Fintech Retreat 2020 participants be present at the Happy Hour?

Many of our speakers, partners and guests at the retreat are traveling from different locations in the US, Asia and Europe. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that all of them will attend the Happy Hour. Every participant’s travel schedule is different.

But we guarantee it will be a great crowd!

Why are you hosting the Happy Hour ?

We would like to offer the opportunity for the participants at Fintech Retreat 2020 to get to know each other prior to the event. Also to those of you who can’t make the retreat, this is a chance get a feel of who will be there!

Happy Hour Partners:

Capgemini Banking & Capital Markets – The world’s leading banks collaborate with Capgemini to build innovation strategies for sustained, dynamic growth. Having served the Financial Services Industry for 25+ years, our capabilities and solutions span across a wide range of businesses, including retail banking, commercial banking, diversified lending, cards and payments.

Stella Artois – A classic Belgian lager brewed to exceed everyday expectations.

Xspaced – Lower your move-in costs. Move-in now, pay the security deposit over time.

***Tickets are non-refundable***

***This page is being actively updated***

***Video/Audio recording, or live video streaming at the event is not permitted***

TET events offer a safe environment to all attendees regardless of race, gender, skin color, sexual orientation, religion, etc. We will not tolerate any harassment, discriminatory, racist, language or behavior. Anyone who will act offensively will be removed from the premises.

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