From Chaos to Order: Taking Crypto to the Next Level with Nitin Gaur

Join us to look into the future with Nitin Gaur and hear his vision of what is next for Web3 and how we can get there. What does enterprise adoption of blockchain look like? Or mass adoption of digital currencies? How will crypto disrupt technology, the current market structure, and the regulatory and compliance frameworks? Let’s discuss how can these new technologies best serve us and what changes are needed to harness their benefits.

Nitin is the Global Head of Digital Asset & Technology Design at State Street focused on transitioning part of the company’s financial market infrastructure and its clients to the new digital economy. He dedicates hiss energy to bridging traditional finance and emerging decentralized finance with concepts around enterprise-grade digital asset custody, risk model frameworks, tokenization of traditional assets, and fund structures, in an effort to transform and modernize the market infrastructure with a vast partner ecosystem. He is a senior leader with experience designing and developing enterprise infrastructures and applications for Fortune 500 companies globally.

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