Future of data-powered product development

Why it’s worth to attend?

In this event will talk through what makes great products and why data is essential for all modern businesses. We will try to better understand why data is still hard to access and use effectively? And finally, we will try to search for an answer: what will be the very next step in data-powered product development?

Planned outcomes from our event:

  • Know-how exchange in the cross-vertical CTO environment working on top notch data powered products on the market (eCommerce, adTech, Blockchain, FinTech, etc.)
  • Understand the context of building data centric organisation and promote data driven decisions processes within it.
  • Learn how to approach organisation challenges from both tech & business perspective and build CTO community awareness around most critical aspects


1. Event Opening

Paweł Mikler & Tomasz BogusScalac

2. Moderated panel discussion

Paweł Mikler, discussion moderator, 45min

  • We will answer the questions like:

How to prevent an organisation for building wrong thing from CTO perspective?

Personal experiences in delivering value earlier (now vs future)?

What problems CTO’s have in their day to day work (talent acquisition, lack of resources, changing requirements, etc.)?

Examples of data – powered products features built at scale .

  • What will be the next big step in data-powered product development, with our invited guests:

Matt Kamen, CTO at Foursquare

Craig Blitz, Product Director at Lightbend

Nicholas Joseph, CTO at Datalogue

Haris Dindo, Chief Data Scientist at Yewno

Alex Kuang, Software Engineer at Narrative

Marc-Antoine Nüssli, Chief Data Scientist at Datuman

Vishakh Null, CTO & co-Founder at Cryptonomic

3. Coffee break

10 min.

4. A short walkthrough on data-powered panelists product examples (demos) built at scale


5. Q&A session


6. Event closing

Paweł Mikler & Tomasz BogusScalac, 5 min.

7. Networking party

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