Future of FinTech: Networking with Barclays’ Leadership

We would love to welcome you to a unique look into technology at Barclays on Wednesday, September 18th from 6-8 PM at our world class Whippany, New Jersey campus.

We will host a speed networking event where you can hear the vision for the future of our organization first-hand and the inspiring leadership that is the driving force behind our innovation and change.

Leaders from our various business lines will include Sharmila Ravi from Digital Consumer Bank, Peter Hasslund from Cards Platform, Brian Humphrey from Contact Center, Murali Nandigama from Run The Bank and Saumya Khanna from our Fraud Technology team. There will be an opportunity to hear about their journey to success, network directly and additional time for Q&A.

If you’re a technology professional, interested in breaking into the FinTech space or simply passionate about connecting with influential leaders, don’t miss this opportunity.

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