Innovation Circle in NYC

Join us at the Innovation Circle NYC event, featuring keynote speaker Megan Pillsbury (ex-Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, S&P Global), as well as facilitated discussion of innovation capabilities vs. global benchmarks – with customized InnoSurvey┬« reports for attendees. 

This invite-only event will be headlined by keynote speaker Megan Pillsbury, who has led innovation in Financial Services and worked with pioneering ESG startups. Megan will share her insights from her knowledge and experience as a technology, fintech & innovation leader in Financial Services (incl. with Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley), as well as an ESG pioneer (working with The Climate Service, recently sold to S&P Global). 

In addition, the event includes a facilitated discussion of the leading InnoSurvey┬« assessment tool, where attendees can receive a customized report for their organizations, and unpack the results with the team for free (usually $1500 per person). This is an excellent opportunity to gain insights into your organization’s strengths and weaknesses and explore new ideas for innovation.

The event takes place in the morning of April 28th at the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce. Apply to attend today to take advantage of invaluable insights and networking opportunities. We look forward to seeing you there!

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