KNOW Identity Forum NYC: Innovation in Identity

New York, Location TBA

June 27, 2019 5:00-9:00pm

Event Description

Onboarding is frequently one of the most resource-intensive and inefficient processes financial institutions face and tends to be fraught with security and compliance challenges. In this KNOW Identity Forum, “Innovation in Identity: Banking and Consumer Onboarding,” leadership from major banks, upcoming fintechs, and identity solution providers will come together to discuss the most pressing issues they face, along with the tactics and technologies they’re deploying to address them. Brought to you by OWI, the Forum will feature exclusive networking, a live State of Identity podcast, and an expert industry panel. Drinks and light refreshments will be provided.

About OWI

OWI is a leading market intelligence and strategy firm focused on identity, trust, and the data economy. We host the KNOW Identity series of events – monthly KNOW Identity Forums around the world culminating in the flagship KNOW Identity Conference 2020. KNOW events convene the brightest minds in identity across industries to unlock new opportunity and propel the space forward. For more information about how to sponsor or participate in KNOW events, please contact us at

Forum Agenda

5:00-6:00 Registration and Networking

Mix and mingle with industry professionals

6:00 Welcome Remarks

Travis Jarae (CEO @ OWI)

6:00-6:45 State of Identity LIVE: A field guide to KYC

Cameron D’Ambrosi (Principal @ OWI)

Join us for a live recording of State of Identity, the identity industry’s leading podcast. Host Cameron D’Ambrosi and guests will discuss the KYC problems and challenges that are keeping them up at night, along with the real-world tools and services they’re leveraging to make onboarding and account opening safer and more secure.

6:45-7:00 Special Presentation

The future of compliance for onboarding

PSD2 will reshape the financial services landscape in Europe, with more changes to come in global markets. How will the future of data portability impact customer onboarding for the full range of financial services players? What other emerging regulations will impact KYC, AML, and verification processes at the beginning of the customer journey? This session will provide a forward-looking take on the regulatory considerations your organization should be planning for.

7:00-7:45 Panel Discussion | How we built this: onboarding flows that work

Kaelyn Lowmaster (Principal @ OWI)


In this panel, we’ll get into the trenches with the experts. This session will bring together four experts for a discussion about a particular onboarding or account opening challenge, and the steps they and their organization took to reduce friction, boost security, and ensure compliance. They’ll compare notes across their experiences in taking on some of the most vexing challenges in banking, and talk about the technologies or tools their organizations are looking for to make onboarding work better.

7:45-9:00 Networking

Keep the conversation going, and enjoy drinks and refreshments

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