Mastering DeFi Trading, Block Building, and MEV

bloXroute Labs and Fenbushi Capital invite you to a workshop + networking event where attendees will have the opportunity to hear presentations and participate in discussions about the impact of the Ethereum merge on the trading landscape.

The event will feature presentations from two prominent speakers, Eyal Markovich (COO) of bloXroute Labs and Yuki Yuminaga of Fenbushi Capital. Yuminaga will shed light on the challenges associated with constructing blocks on Ethereum, offer potential solutions, and provide insights into what the future holds. Followed by Markovich, who will share insights on the importance of every millisecond of latency, detailing how timing trades based on slot times and other crucial factors contribute to success in this fast-paced market.

Don’t miss this opportunity to network, learn, and have fun in a relaxed atmosphere and leave with a wealth of knowledge on block building and high frequency trading on ETH 2.0.

Speakers:Yuki Yuminaga – Fenbushi Capital “Challenges around decentralized block building.” • An overview of the current block-building landscape
• Current issues related to block building on Ethereum
• Proposed solutions and the challenges involved
• The future of block building
Eyal Markovich – bloXroute Labs “How to keep your trading competitive – post-merge lessons.”• Understanding block building on ETH 2.0 and its effects on trading
• Why every millisecond counts
• Timing trades based on Slot times
• Tips and considerations for winning more
How to participate and what to expect

• This event is free
• Secure a ticket by filling out this form link
• Located in the center of Build Hub at the Barrel Cellar tap room
• Complimentary drinks and snacks will be served
• 1 application = 1 ticket
• If tickets are sold out, please join Wait List. Every day we release at least10 tickets

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