MIT FinTech Challenge

As part of the campus-wide celebration to launch the MIT Stephen A. Schwarzman College of Computing, we are inviting the community to participate in hands-on challenges to illustrate how MIT students are advancing computing innovation and discovering the connections between computing and other disciplines. The Martin Trust Center will host the Fintech Challenge for two days starting on February 23rd and the winners will be announced at the Hello World! Conference on February 26th. Please visit: The challenge will host teams of MIT students that will work on a specific prompt. Faculty, companies, investors, and many more stakeholders will serve as mentors to the teams and special guests will be invited to serve as judges of the competition. During these two days the Martin Trust Center will be hosting presentations on related topics from invited speakers. Show up alone or bring friends to form a team. Regardless of how you arrive, you’re sure to have made some new friends during the FinTech challenge! For more information please visit the MIT FinTech website or email

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