New York Investment Week

On Wall Street – Engaging companies and investors in unavoidable discussions pertinent to the uncertainty of the global economy.

New York Investment Week 2020 is a week-long of investment conferences, capital introduction One-on-One meetings, pitch room presentations, and networking gatherings held in the Wall Street area, New York City.

Over 500 active investors, companies’ executives, entrepreneurs, fund managers and government officials will gather in Manhattan NY to exchange on the pressing challenges and uncertainty looming over the global economy, and take tangible steps towards strategic partnerships and active investing.

Gain incredible insights from global icons and thought leaders with remarkable accomplishments.

2020 signals key alerts in endless fronts:

– Talk of the town: The Recession

What to expect? What may or not trigger it? How may past lessons help us in the future?

– The US-China Turmoil

The impact on both economies – The up and down sides for the rest of the world? Let’s talk about the details of the Phase 1 Deal recently agreed by US and China.

– President Trump and The 2020 US election impact on the markets

As seen and observed by the global investment and business communities. The effect of President Trump’s policies on the US and Global economy. How would the outcome of the 2020 US election shape the markets?

– The Global Mobility of Capital and Information

The world is evolving before our very own eyes. Money and Information move from West to East, and from East to East, at a record pace. How did we get here? Who are the biggest winners? How do we see this playing out?

– The surge of Female Executives and Women investors.

2019 marks another record year with an increased rate of Female investors and Women in Business in the US and across the globe. Women are doubling down in the launch of new businesses, Women are investing and raising larger sizes of capital for standard as well as complex deals. What is the traceable impact of this disruptive trend? What are the real challenges still in play? What strategic approaches and efficient initiatives could be deployed in 2020 adding to the existing fights already overtaken by several women led organizations globally?

– The Rise of Venture Capital and Angel Investing – Bubble or Real?

The size of capital allocated into Venture Capital is insane, what used to be the bread and butter of small and risk taker addicts is now a central focus for several heavyweight investors across the globe. Open discussion on WeWork (the elephant in the room), Let’s talk about China outpacing the world in IPO and Patents, What are the likely most attractive markets in 2020? Why are institutional and large investors jumping heavy in Venture Capital? What are the critical challenges faced by traditional Corporate currently involved through Venture arms? Best tips and practices for US Venture Capital to succeed in emerging markets. The DO’s and DON’Ts for First-time VC Funds raising capital.

– Invest in Africa – The NEXT China

With a current population of 1.3 billion and projected at 4-5 billion people by 2050, Africa is the next place to look at. For those who overlooked China in the 90’s, the opportunity has never been more at hand to write it right this time. Lower valuations, Higher margins, Young and Hardworking human resources, Lower origination costs and Huge natural heritage. What are the most attractive opportunities in the continent? Reading between the lines – what is reported by the media and what is really happening? Is Africa safe to live or invest in? The current mindset of Africans – how to navigate local contexts and get things done?

The convention is hosted by Bervann Capital – a New York City based investment company, leading an investors’ ecosystem with over $900 billion assets under management. PAST EVENTS – Click here

On Wall Street – Pairing the brightest minds and opportunities with strategic capital from active investors of the United States and foreign countries.

Bervann Capital’s events are known to be well attended. NYiW2020 expects a curated audience of 700 – 1,000 Guests:

– Angel investors

– Asset Management firms

– Business Owners

– Commercial Banks

– Corporate Executives

– Corporate Venture arms

– Diplomats and Investment Promotion Agencies

– Endowment Funds

– Family Offices

– High and Ultra High Net-worth individuals

– Incubators & Accelerators

– Pension Funds

– Private Equity firms

– Sovereign Wealth Funds

– Startups’ Founders & Entrepreneurs

– Venture Capital firms

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On Wall Street – Providing an alternative to traditional investment banking: Direct peer-to-peer meetings between investors and capital seekers.

Raising Capital shouldn’t be a myth, companies and funds shouldn’t have to break the bank to meet potential investors. This event-platform is an alternative opportunity for both parties to encounter in a professional, ethical and respectful manner. The event is sector agnostic, with featured industries as:

– AgriTech

– Artificial Intelligence

– Aviation & Aeronautics

– Banking & Financial Services

– Climate Change

– Consumer Goods

– Data & Big Data

– Defense & Aerospace

– Energy & Natural Resources

– Entertainment

– Fintech

– Healthcare

– Healthcare Properties

– Hospitality

– Infrastructure

– Insurance

– Lifestyle

– Logistics & Shipping

– Manufacturing

– Real Estate

– Sport

– Technology, Media & Telecommunications

– Venture Capital

– Women Investing

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Amazing Networking Gatherings – Don’t just do business, Have fun as well – after all, you’re in New York City.

After long days of conferences and meetings in Wall Street, join fellow investors, companies and government executives at networking sessions across town – expand your network, improve on earlier discussions and enjoy New York City:

– Monday March 16 in TRIBECA

– Tuesday March 17 in WEST VILLAGE

– Wednesday March 18 at The Brooklyn Barclays Center – NBA Game Nets vs Wizards

– Thursday March 19 in SOHO

– Friday March 20 at The Bervann Capital Wall Street Gala.

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A Signature Investment Convention – by Bervann Capital:

– 1 Business Week on Wall Street

– 15 Networking Gatherings

– 30 Investment Conferences

– 100 Pitch room Presentations

– 250 One-on-One Meetings

Conference Opportunities:

* Speak as Keynote

* Contribute in a Fireside chat

* Join or Moderate a Panel discussion

* Join or Host a Breakout session or Roundtable

* Interview with local and international medias

* Custom sessions available, upon request

Capital Introduction Opportunities:

* Invest directly into early to late stage companies

* Allocate capital to first-time or experienced fund managers

* Invest into incubators or accelerators

* Co-invest with other investors

* Raise Capital from angel investors, ultra high net-worth individuals, family offices, private equity firms, venture capital funds, Corporate venture arms, funds of funds and institutional investors.

Networking Opportunities:

* Tap into the event’s attendance and Co-Host a Networking gathering with Bervann Capital

* Gain a boosted Exposure and Showcase your brand/products/services to a targeted audience

* Expand your network and Grow your relationship base

* Get to know people outside the conference/meeting room

* Expand on conversations started during the day

* Enjoy Cozy and Trendy venues across New York City

Agenda (subject to change)

We are updating the sessions, if you are a registered attendee, you will receive regular updates. The Final Agenda will be released to all attendees, by February 23, 2020.

Monday March 16
Investment Conference

* Panels:

  1. BioPharma – New Advances in Biomedical Therapeutics
  2. Biopharma – The most innovative opportunities in Immunology, Inflammation and Cancer Therapy
  3. Healthcare Investors 2020 Outlook
  4. Health Tech
  5. Med Tech
  6. Early stage Healthcare Companies – The DO’s and DON’TS

* B2B Meetings

* Networking Gathering in TRIBECA


Tuesday March 17
Real Estate Investment Conference

* Panels:

  1. Commercial Real Estate (Office, Retail)
  2. Healthcare Real Estate (Assisted Living & Skilled Nursing, Healthcare Properties)
  3. Residential Real Estate
  4. Hospitality (Hotels, Travel, Lifestyle)
  5. Real Estate Hospitality (Coworking, Co-Living)
  6. US Real Estate landscape and Recession

* B2B Meetings

* Networking Gathering in WEST VILLAGE


Wednesday March 18
Bervann Capital Investment Conference

* Panels:

  1. President Trump & 2020 US Elections impact on the markets
  2. Talk of the town – The risk of Recession
  3. Institutional Investors
  4. Family Offices & UHNWI
  5. The Surge of Female Investors and Women in Business
  6. Invest in Africa – The NEXT China

* B2B Meetings

* Networking Gathering at The Barclays Center – NBA Game Brooklyn Nets vs Washington Wizards


Thursday March 19
Doing Business Overseas, Investment Conference

* Panels:

  1. The Rise of South Korean investors and opportunities
  2. An Aggressive 2030 vision by the Middle East
  3. Latin America’s emergence in the global spectrum
  4. The Future of Eastern Europe, From a Liability to an Asset, The new driving force for the Western Europe.
  5. Doing Business in the islands – strategic advantages and downsides
  6. Government Investment Promotion – Overcoming the Challenges in attracting foreign interests

* B2B Meetings

* Networking Gathering in SOHO


Friday March 20 – Venture Capital Investment Conference

* Panels:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Fintech
  3. Data & Big Data
  4. The Rise of Venture Capital and Angel Investing
  5. Allocating to Emerging VC Fund Managers
  6. 2020 Outlook on US based Startups
    and Perspectives on Foreign Startups

* B2B Meetings

* Networking Gathering at The Bervann Capital Wall Street Gala

Take a look at our Past Events:

Dec 4 – 7, 2018

– 1 World Trade Center, NYC

– JW Marriott Essex House, Central Park NYC

April 15 – 16, 2019

– 1 World Trade Center, NYC

– The Harvard Club of New York City

August 19, 2019

– The Metropolitan Club of New York City

PAST EVENTS – Click here

6 Registration Options:

  1. Conference + Networking Ticket applies to all individuals and companies, seeking access to Conference and Networking sessions. $1,900 (early bird I exp. Dec 31) – $2,400 (early bird II exp. Jan 31).
  2. Service Provider Ticket applies to Service Providers, seeking access to Conference and Networking sessions. $3,500 (early bird I exp. Dec 31) – $4,000 (early bird II exp. Jan 31)
  3. Sponsor Ticket applies to individuals, companies, organizations and service providers seeking to promote their brands or services, present their products or speak to targeted audiences in attendance. Register to request sponsorship details from our office.
  4. Raising Capital Ticket applies to individuals, companies and funds, raising capital and seeking to present or pitch their offerings to active investors at the event. Please register to request a pass. Access is subject to approval by the event committee.
  5. Active Investor Ticket applies to investors with verifiable investment history and actual capital to deploy. Please register to request a pass. Access is complimentary, but subject to approval by the event committee.
  6. Media Access applies to Active and Legit Media with verifiable event coverage history, seeking to access Conference and Networking sessions. Please register to request a pass. Access is complimentary, but subject to approval by the event committee.

Exclusive Event. All parties are reviewed and approved by the event committee.

  • Our team will review your information and reach out for further details or Confirmation.
  • Please do not finalize any travel or schedule arrangement prior to receiving a confirmation from us.

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