NYC FinTech.connect

5:30 – Cocktail and networking reception

6:00 – Event Introduction Joe Daniels, McCarter & English

6:10 – Investor Introductions

6:15 – Guest Speakers

-Michael Anton, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Trade Exchange

-Yiannis Tsiounis, Chief Executive Officer, Advan Research

-Sunil Madhu, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Instnt

-Thomas Li, Co-Founder, Daloopa

7:30-8:00 – Networking

Trade Exchange

The Trade Exchange is a marketplace for subscription-based investment strategies that include stocks, options, and crypto. Our proprietary technology tracks all ideas sent through the platform ensuring no false performance claims. Once subscribed to a strategy we provide each user with analytics on every idea they receive, every idea they act on and every idea they don’t act on – this way everyone is held accountable

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Advan Research

Advan Research is the leading location analytics company in Finance and Real Estate. It procures and analyzes the largest cellphone location datasets available worldwide, and generates insights for investors and real estate practitioners.

Built by serial entrepreneurs, Advan’s extensive coverage of 2,000 companies, and 150 million physical locations is powering investment decisions and algorithms at top tier quantitative funds, discretionary funds, real estate owners and brokers.

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Instnt has built the first AI-powered online customer onboarding platform. With one line of Instnt’s code added to their websites and apps, businesses can outsource their customer onboarding process with a guarantee to sign-up more good customers without the costs and fraud losses associated with onboarding customers themselves.

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Daloopa uses AI to build detailed and accurate financial models for investment analysts. By automating intensive data entry and data validation work, Daloopa enables analysts to spend more time and effort doing research, rather than in data scrubbing and hard coding.

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