Podcast Listener Lunch Discussion: Humanizing Banking with AI (Virtual)

WIFI invites you to our first podcast listener discussion meetup where we meet to discuss a podcast playlist curated on our favorite podcast app and platform, Podyssey.fm, for an in person discussion on the podcast playlist we’ve listened to and its theme. Our first theme and curated list is: Humanizing Banking with AI.

We encourage you to listen to as many of the podcasts as you can prior to our luncheon (several are less than 30 min.), but invite you to lunch with us regardless, for a thought-provoking discussion on how AI can elevate banking. Episodes in the list include:

  1. Is Banking Finally Ready for AI? (Breaking Banks FinTech Podcast)
  2. How This CEO is Changing Banking and Personal Finance with AI (Spend Culture: Stories of CFOs and Company Culture)
  3. AI and the VoiceFirst Revolution (Banking Transformed with Jim Marous)
  4. How to Humanize Digital Experiences in Banking (Banking Transformed with Jim Marous)
  5. The future of AI and ML in banking with Kony’s Bill Bodin (Tearsheet Podcast: The Business of Finance)
  6. Banking with Alexa (The Finance Frontier)
  7. Why Banks Need a Chief AI Officer – with Ian Wilson (AI in Banking Podcast)

To quickly access all of the episodes, here’s the playlist with all of them on there: https://podyssey.fm/list/podcast-episodes/id1260-Humanizing-Banking-with-AI

Feel free to use the podcast listening platform of your choice, or see below for guidance on using your platform of choice with Podyssey.

Listening with Podyssey: You can listen to these podcasts on the Podyssey player, or while in the app or the Podyssey.fm website, select “Open in Player” to open the episodes in your player of choice. To join Podyssey visit https://podyssey.fm.

Follow Women in FinTech Initiative on Podyssey for ongoing podcast playlists and recommendations.

How it works?

  1. Listen to the podcasts when you can prior to the meetup.
  2. Come dine with us and discuss the podcasts you listened to and the topic in person.


11:30 AM: Introductions and time to buy your lunch at the Beatrix buffet.

12:00 PM: Podcast discussion while we eat.

12:45 PM: Choose future podcast themes for our monthly podcast listener and discussion meetups. Also discuss other future WIFI community events and ideas. Networking.

Women in FinTech Initiative

Women in FinTech Initiative, commonly referred to as WIFI, is focused on empowering women and supporters of our mission to collectively conquer the fundamental barriers for women to impact FinTech innovation. For more information: https://www.womenfin.tech/.


Podyssey is an online community where podcast lovers can discover and recommend podcasts they love. You can listen to these podcasts on Podyssey, or select “Open in Player” to open the episodes in your player of choice. To join Podyssey visit https://podyssey.fm.

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