Policy Disruption in FinTech & Investment Services: Cybersecurity, Privacy…

GAIN and HillStaffer invite you to join us for the first event in our series Policy Disruption in FinTech & Investment Services.

These quarterly panel events will provide an in-depth, off-the-record evaluation of current policy in the Financial Services industry impacting the forefront of legislative and regulatory reform.

Part 1: Cybersecurity, Privacy & Data Breaches: Big hacks and data leaks are nothing new but we are seeing a surge in reported breaches. The risks and damage have affected Yahoo, Marriott, Quora, OPM and many more. While legislative proposals are being considered to combat cybercrimes against financial services providers as well as individuals, some companies like Facebook are proactively changing the way they do business and manage user data.

In 2019, what U.S. policy changes can we expect, especially now that the EU’s GDPR has been implemented? What are the key public policy aspects that should drive corporate strategies? Join us for a robust conversation about these issues that impact every organization.

Confirmed panelists include:

  • Col. (Ret.) Timothy Evans, J.D., LL.M., SVP, Chief of Strategy & Co-founder of Adlumin, Inc. Colonel Evans (Ret) commanded the 175th Network Warfare Squadron at the National Security Agency (NSA) for six years. Additionally, he represented NSA as a member of the White House National Security Council Sub-Interagency Policy Committee on both offensive and defense cybersecurity issues.
  • Brian E. Finch; Public Policy Partner, Pillsbury Law. Brian has extensive regulatory and government affairs advocacy experience and is a recognized authority on global security and cybersecurity threats. Brian provides strategic legal counsel to companies from nearly every industry regarding regulatory issues, cyberattacks, national defense and intelligence policies, and homeland security concerns.

We have designed this event to fully comply with US Senate Rule 35.1(d)(1), US House Ethics Manual pp. 41-47, and the U.S. Executive Branch Gift Rules regarding the “widely attended event” exception to the gift rules. US Senate and House staff are advised to consult with the US Senate and House Ethics Committee to confirm this analysis. US Executive Branch employees are advised to consult with their agency counsel. State and municipal employees are advised to consult with their agency counsel as to applicable gift rules for their jurisdiction before participating in the event.

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