PrimeTimeVC Live @Barclays Rise New York

Come join this electric VC lineup:

Jay Kapoor, General Partner @VSC Ventures

Jay Estefani Castillo, Founding Principal @m]x[v Capital

Darrel Frater, Investment Associate @Visible Hands

Andrew Gluck, GP @irrvrntVC

PrimeTime VC is bringing its game show format to a live audience! We will kick off the madness with Four Venture Capitalists debating the latest news in tech, funding, and innovation. The goal of these events is to showcase the unique skillsets and opinions of veteran and emerging fund managers through a little competition!

Run of Show:

6pm: Networking, Food and Drink provided.

7pm: It’s Showtime!!

8pm: Head to the local bar for Happy Hour and more networking!

This event wouldn’t be possible without our partners!

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