Product Discovery and Delivery in the Real World

More and more organizations are recognizing a need to change, with business agility and rapid product delivery being seen as a key competitive advantage. While improving the effectiveness of technology delivery is useful, they tend to be highly focused on producing more output with the same spend.

As Marty Cagan says in his article ‘Product Fail’, ‘The inconvenient truth is that at least half of our ideas are just not going to work’. And while the technology teams are doing their best to operate in an agile model, the stakeholder-driven business cases are still expected to be estimated upfront with the teams committing to delivery dates. It is still a waterfall. And the product being produced often does not achieve its goals.

Gordon Weir is a Chief Product Owner and also advises fin-tech startups. In his past, he has run large technology groups in some of the world’s biggest banking and technology organizations. He will teach you his tried and tested practices and techniques for product discovery and delivery that will help cut through the inertia in the majority of organizations, both large and small.

You will learn how to tackle the really hard bit of software product delivery: deciding what to build. And that might just be nothing at all.

Throughout the course, groups will build upon an initial market problem, develop innovative ideas, a vision, strategy, roadmap, initial product increment (MVP), and discover what to do next. They will use a variety of facilitation techniques, understand why product management, organizational design thinking is essential within any organization to succeed, and as a by-product – get enjoyment from your work. And how to introduce the concepts where you work.

What you will learn:

  • How to develop your product ideas and vision
  • A framework for defining product strategy
  • How do create and use a product roadmap
  • The role of product management, and career path
  • Product metrics, discovery, and research
  • Product centric organizational design
  • How to facilitate innovative product workshops
  • Learn how to use powerful collaboration and discovery tools such as – Impact Mapping, Jobs to be done and Story Mapping


This course is for people who want to make a difference in their place of work. They have experience of working in an agile and lean environment, possibly using one of the popular frameworks, and need more strategic thinking or further ideas to avoid common frustrations. Positions such as:

  • Tech startup founders
  • Product managers
  • Technology department heads
  • Development managers
  • Business sponsors
  • CIOs, CPOs, CDOs and CTOs
  • Product owners

In conclusion

Product Delivery and Discovery is an in-depth course covering product ideation, discovery, and delivery right through to the point where it delivers value. Attendees will leave with an understanding of modern product management and how to apply these in their workplace.

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