Real Talk: Blockchain

Real Talk: Blockchain is brought to you by FintechWomen—in partnership with Suffolk University and FintechWomen’s Suffolk Chapter, the New England Association for Financial Professionals (NEAFP), and the Boston Blockchain Association (BBA).

This multi-part event will provide attendees with a deep-dive into blockchain and practical insight from leading fintech and blockchain experts. We’ll look past the hype and discuss blockchain’s impact for companies and individuals worldwide, including opportunities for women in the space.

Sessions are designed for active participation and accessibility—regardless of your blockchain fluency or professional level:

I. Blockchain in Business, Pop Culture & Everyday Life:

• Discover the real-world implications of blockchain, from ledgers to meme culture
• Explore the pros and cons surrounding the current blockchain ecosystem
II. Demystifying Blockchain:

• Get a fintech “crash course” with leading fintech and blockchain experts, covering blockchain’s past, present, and future
• Hear from experts during our Q&A panel
III. Practical Application & Collaborative Casework:

• Learn how to “make the case for fintech” and what you can bring back to your office—whether you’re an intern or a C-suite decision-maker
• Participate in collaborative blockchain case studies, guided by our panel of experts
• Share case team findings, and receive feedback from blockchain practitioners
IV. The Future of Blockchain:

• Hear about the trends and habits transforming blockchain’s future
• Learn what you and your business can do today to stay ahead of the curve

Date: Monday, November 14th, 2022

Location: Suffolk University, Keches Function Room

Who Should Attend: Anyone looking to learn more about blockchain, and network with like-minded professionals from the business community

We look forward to seeing you there!

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